• Agriculture

    Kongunadu, especially the rural parts and the suburbs of the Constituency is dependant on Agriculture for the livelihood. It has been a trend of all the political to continuously neglect lead community time and again. KMDK was started primarily for the welfare of the agricultural community. Our propose to do the following for Agriculture.

    a. Work towards removing toddy from alcoholic beverages list, and work towards establishing it as a packaged drink.
    b. Establishing a Coconut development board in Kongunadu. Free Insurance scheme for small and medium scaled farmers.
    d. Minimum procurement price for COPRA. Rs.10 Subsidy for a liter of milk. Minimum procurement price of Rs.3000/- per ton for Sugarcane. More Cold Storage Facilities for storing vegetables, meat and related products. Marketing activities is one of the biggest problems for Agriculturists. I will ensure we will have a government controlled marketing office for Agriculture. Separate television channel for Agricultural information.

  • Water Resources

    As we all know water is the most important resource that is required for our livelihood. None of the politicians or political parties have done enough to save water.

    a. To improve underground water level more check dams and temporary water storage facilities will be created to increase the ground water level.
    b. I will implement pilloor schemes immediately.
    c. Rain water harvesting will be given topmost priority and new techniques will be introduced in collaboration with developed countries.
    d. I will fight for Parambikulam Aliyar,Manimutharu,Avinasi athikadavu irrigation scheme expansion.

  • Industries

    With the economic downturn, the industries in Kongunadu are suffering heavily. Drastic steps need to be taken to protect their interests. Following are some of the schemes I plan to implement.
    a. Electricity is the biggest problem of all industries. I will strive hard to bring private sector participation towards generation and distribution of electricity.
    b. Kongunadu doesn't have enough clusters. I will create more clusters, and increase common facilities available to them.
    d. Labour force - With more number of industries coming to Kongunadu, it is imperative that more labour force will migrate to the city for want of work. I will create common infrastructural and housing facilities for them to feel comfortable in Coimbatore.
    e. I will also work with SIEMA, SIMA, CODISSIA, CII Coimbatore Chapter and understand the needs and will work accordingly.

  • Textiles

    Coimbatore is called the manchester of South India. We got this nick name not because of the Government efforts, it is because of the indomitable private entrepreneurial initiatives. If the Government and elected representatives have supported this industry properly, we would have been the World's best now. Some of the initiatives that I will undertake are, uniform cotton pricing, encourage cotton production, Government funded direct export agency etc.

    Encourage Powerloom industry.

  • Infrastructure Development

    I will ensure that the following list of infrastructure gets established in Kongunadu.

    a. SIDCO Railway Bridge
    b. Ring road for Kongunadu Citys(Covai,Erode,Salem)
    c. Underground Sewerage System for entier Kongunadu citys.

  • Airport

    Development of Airport is an important part in the development of the city(Covai,Salem). I will strive hard to upgrade the Airport to International Standard without effecting the livelihoods of the Farming Community of Chinniampalayam Area(Covai). I will also strive hard to establish more connectivity to Asia and Europe.

  • Railways

    The Kongunadu Railway Stations is in a poor shape in terms of Facilities, Infrastructure and Connectivity. I will work with the Railway Ministry and ensure that Kongunadu Railway Station is upgraded to International Standards and also to establish connectivity to all the district headquarters on a daily basis. I will also fight to increase the frequency of Trains to all major cities that have close Business Connections with Kongunadu citys(Covai,Erode,Salem).

  • Information Technology

    Kongunadu by virtue of its climate, number of Educational Institutions, English speaking Capability is a very attractive location for both BPO and Software Operations. The Current ELCOT Park is inadequate in size given the vast potential in Coimbatore. I will strive hard to establish a 1000 acre IT Park. I will lead trade delegations to all the big IT Companies in India and abroad and will pitch Coimbatore as the Destination of Choice for all their Future Expansions. I will also drive all the Civic Bodies of Coimbatore including the Coimbatore Corporation, Coimbatore Collectorate, Panchayats etc to concentrate on E-Governance to provide better and easier interfaces to the Citizens of Kongunadu. I will also work towards getting the necessary funds/Grants to achieve the above.

  • Health Care

    Kongunadu needs more super specialty tertiary care Government Hospitals to cater to the entire population. Today the no of doctors, Infrastructural facilities that are available in GH and other primary health care centers are grossly inadequate to handle any emergency. I will take this as my primary objective to rectify the existing situation. Besides this, I will establish free care to pregnant mothers and Kids up to 3 years of age. I will also work with the government to establish a free or a nominal cost mediclaim system for people below the poverty line (BPL Families).

  • Public Sector Company

    It is a shame for all politicians and Political parties of Kongunadu that during the last 60 years we have not been able to bring a single PSU to Kongunadu despite being one of the most attractive locations in the Country. The advantage and the economic stimuli that a PSU brings to a region is well documented. I will work very hard with the NAVTHRANA PSU’s to establish their operations in Kongunadu.

  • Education

    One of principle focus areas will be education. I will strive to improve the quality of education at all levels with a specific focus on primary education and education to below the poverty line families. I will also work towards establishing an IIM, IIT a reality in KONGUNADU. Today availability of loans to deserving candidates remains a pipe dream despite the Government going overboard in advertising that it is doing everything to provide loans. I will ensure that the scheme is no longer a paper dream but a reality to millions of deserving students of the region.

  • Piped LPG

    I will work with the Oil PSU’s and private Oil Marketing Companies to establish a piped LPG system for Kongunadu Citys.


    One house per Below Poverty Line (BPL) Family is my dream. I will work with all the grant providing organizations throughout the world to raise the required money to make this dream, a reality.

  • Metro Rail

    With a fast paced expansion of Coimbatore and Salem, the city is getting choked because of traffic. It is imperative that the suburbs of Coimbatore and Salem is connected with the city center through a mass rapid transport system. I will strive hard to establish a metro or Mono rail system immediately.

  • Greater Coimbatore Development Authority (GCDA)

    Like MMDA in Chennai, I will strive hard to establish GCDA which will have all the powers and will act as a single window for all development issues, clearances, approvals and disputes for the public of Coimbatore.

  • Power

    As we all know, the Industries and individuals are having a harrowing time because of the power cuts. Power cuts are going to be the biggest factor which causes the downfall of this government in Tamil Nadu. Non Conventional Energy development (Wind, Solar (Photolytic cell based, solar based thermal powered turbines), etc) will get topmost attention of mine. Private participation in Generation and distribution will be my priority. Getting suitable allocation from the national grid will be my main focus.

  • Environment & Pollution

    If we are to gift anything to our younger generation and coming generations, it is preventing pollution to our environment. I will work on the following items if elected to power.
    a. I will ensure that more trees are planted throughout Kongunadu. I will work towards shifting the foundries from the city limits to outside of the city.
    c. I will work with the government to provide financial support to industries creating pollution to convert to greener technologies.
    d. Garbage handling and segregration will be a priority.
    e. I will work with world renowned Solid waste management techniques to prevent another vellalore from happening again.
    f. Eradication of non recyclable plastics will be another priority area.

  • Job Creation

    If I implement all the above schemes there will be enough jobs for all.

    Help Center

    I will create a seperate help center equiped with a CRM system to handle all the queries, problems of the Citizens of Kongunadu.

  • Cricket Stadium for KONGUNADU

    Kongunadu Peoples has always been a cricket crazy. Cricket Stadium is definitely a requirement for Kongunadu to host International matches. I will work with CDCA, TNCA, BCCI, Kongunadu Corporations and the corporates of Kongunadu to identify a suitable land and build a stadium of international standards in Kongunadu.

Welcome to our website

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is E. R. Eswaran, and I am the General Secretary of Kongunadu Makkal Desia Katchi (KMDK), a political party launched to address the problems of Kongu Nadu.

KMDK general secretary (E.R.Eswaran) is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in Tamil Nadu History. That Login with taking comments and questions from you, the public through our website.

For the last 61 years since our Independence, this part of the country has been consistently ignored by all the parties and politicians and this is well reflected from the fact that a city like Coimbatore, which is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu and with indomitable private entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t even have one Public Sector Company, doesn’t have proper infrastructural facilities that is due to it. Why are we in this state? This is because of the fact that the political parties that have represented us in the past didn’t have an agenda and didn’t have the vision to develop Coimbatore.

This is truly the reason why the people of Kongu Nadu have now come together and started Kongunadu Makkal Desia Katchi.

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